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Legal services

Corporate Law

We provide expertise to foreign investors in their investments into China and Chinese companies pursuing investments overseas.

Starke advices on all aspects of corporate law, including:

Contract Law

In the field of contact law we advise our clients in the key areas of their operative business.

Starke have an international and experienced team in commercial law. We do not only know commercial law, we also know the specific needs of clients with different backgrounds. This gives our clients the advantage to obtain tailor made advice on their specific needs in all situations of their contractual business.

We provide expertise on all aspects of contract law, including:

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Supply agreements 
  • Commercial agency agreements 
  • Franchise agreements 
  • Licensing 
  • General terms and conditions of sales
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Warranty agreements
  • Investment and shareholders agreement 
  • Letter of intent
  • Sales and purchasing agreements

Labor Law

For any business to be successful in China, it must properly manage its employees and their benefits. With Starke, in China you have access to our deep industry expertise, which enables you to navigate through the maze of China employment regulations, contractual agreements and other legal requirements. 

We provide expertise on the following aspects of labor law:

  • China employment including employment policies and social
  • security issues 
  • Cross-border employment and termination contracts
  • Standardization/development/changing of employment contracts
  • employee handbooks, including pay structures, bonus systems and
  • employee benefit incentives
  • training agreements
  • non-competition and confidentiality agreements 
  • Legislation and regulations 
  • HR restructuring
  • termination matters 
  • Employment dispute resolutions in arbitration


In Europe, granting illegal advantages, economic competition, as well as contact with representatives of public authorities, are prohibited. The prohibitions also apply to European companies with subsidiaries abroad. Illegal activities in foreign countries therefore effective also the management in Europe.

From this arise special in China significant legal risks. Here, corruption is more conmon and accepted than in Europe.

In addition to the European access Chinese corruption prevention rules.

The rising number of proceedings against private and state owned enterprises must be a clear warning for all foreign companies. Beside substantial fines and prison sentences, the sanctions in China range up to the death penalty.

In addition to the compliance with anticorruption rules, it is also increasingly in the spotlight of the Chinese authorities, that foreign companies follow general rules and laws. Such risks must be avoided absolutely.

We have expertise on:

  • Drafting of conducts for employees
  • Implementation of internal compliance procedures
  • Contract drafting for employees, supplier and customers
  • Employee handbook (code of conduct)
  • Advising in specific cases

Intellectual property


Trademarks are one of the most important assets for all businesses. We help you to secure and protect these assets. Clients regularly cite the combination of our deep local expertise and ability to collaborate across borders as the most significant reasons. Our trademark experts including lawyers, trademark attorneys, consultants and evidence specialists, provide a complete service to enable you to create, manage and enforce your trademarks effectively.

Starke Consulting provide both domestic and overseas clients with full spectrum of services in all fields of trademark rights.

We have expertise on:


Starke provides legal advice as well as the services needed to secure, protect and leverage the rights of your inventions, utility models and designs.Our team members have a broad spread of technical backgrounds and include registered patent agents and patent attorneys, including ex-patent examiners from local patent offices, as well as associated patent lawyers, paralegals and translators.

Together we provide support for the matters related to their individual field of expertise.

We have expertise on:

  • Drafting and filing of patent applications
  • Drafting and filing of responses to office actions
  • Representation before the Chinese administrative authorities for patent matters
  • Subsequent filing or nationalization of national or international applications
  • Investigations, file inspections, and monitoring of third party rights
  • Invalidation proceedings
  • Leveraging of your patent rights

IP Law Consultancy

Our firm’s lawyers, trademark agents and other professional experts can provide indepth legal advice and legal opinions in relation to both contentious and noncontentious matters.

Our consultancy services include:

  • IP management
  • Commercial agreements for IP protection
  • IP due diligence
  • IP and anti-trust
  • IP protection strategies
  • Development of IP litigation strategies
  • Strategies to combat counterfeiting and piracy

IP Litigation

Trademark infringement; copyright infringement;patent infringement and patent defence; trademark infringement; copyright infringement; trade name infringement; trade secret; administrative litigation involving patents and trademarks, and litigation against administrative authorities for specific administrative acts.

Starke Consulting provides both domestic and overseas clients with full spectrum of services.

Apart from the above litigation areas, our partners and we have expertise on:

  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Anti-piracy
  • Parallel import
  • Domain name dispute
  • Commercial secrets
  • IP and anti-trust
  • Protection of IP rights through civil and criminal law enforcement
  • Technology transfer and licensing

Establish business entities


We offer the following services: 

Alteration of company records in accordance with client requirement including administration of all related paperwork

  • Change of legal representative of the entity 
  • Change of registration address 
  • Application for capital increase 
  • Extension of business scope 
  • Extension of company certificate
  • Deregistration of business   


M&A Services

We can help locate potential acquisition targets and drive the acquisition process. Starke is able to work with clients to identify and then assess acquisition and merger targets for business fit, synergy optimisation and business development opportunities. Starke has the skills to help your company reach the next phase of your China development. 

In close cooperation with our partners, auditing companies and chancelleries, we investigate the opportunities and risks for your company: financial, legal, commercial and human resources due diligence. 

We provide the following services:

    •    Commercial Due Diligence

    •    M&A Target Identification and Analysis 

    •    Negotiation Support

    •    Legal framework

Venture Capital

Medium-sized enterprises or startups often have limited capital resources, but mostly they hold interesting assets for Chinese investors. We arrange all to find a possible Chinese investor for your company, or to find the right investment for your capital in Europe.

Our team works only on an exclusively basis.

We support you: 

  • to find contacts with capital and investment trusts with a focus on your products
  • with the business management execution of projects in China through

Partner Identification

One of our most demanded services is the search for and selection of strategic partners - be they suppliers or distribution partners, joint venture partners, investors or other financial partners. Partner Identification: Based on specified criteria, we identified and carefully screened a shortlist of potential partners before making introductions to our Asian client.

We provide expertise to foreign investors in their investments into China and Chinese companies pursuing investments overseas.

Due Diligence

Before you contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructuring with your potential partner, a timely and accurate Due Diligence or careful study of your target company or key individuals is not an option, it is a must.

Starke offers you a authentic, results-oriented professional investigation service in China, including due diligence investigation, counterfeiting before you start any cooperation or deal with any Chinese enterprise. Starke presents a complete picture of your potential candidates in China, no matter whether it is an individual or an enterprise.

Our Due Diligence will help you to make the right strategic decision. You will have a full picture of the target company or key persons you are interested in and a good knowledge of:

  • Ownership and management structure
  • Assets of the target company
  • Where your target’s profit comes from
  • The way the key persons think and behave
  • Potential legal and financial risks of the cooperation
  • What is going on behind the scene

Patent Brokerage Services

Our team of professionals assists clients in the sale and acquisition of IP assets in Europe and China. Starke can help patent owners monetize their dormant IP assets or help patent buyers to quickly build patent portfolios.

The patent is a wasting asset. If you don’t use your patents, you may want to sell them before they expire - and technology is always on the move, but to sell a patent is a challenge and a task best left to the experts. You can only sell a patent to a business or other entity that needs exactly what the patent has to offer. 

Starke represents patent owners that want to sell patents in China. We handle full-portfolio and single-patent transactions. Our combination of legal, business, and technical skills with our network of contacts and a long term, relationship driven perspective has consistently delivered results for our clients.

Starke Consulting provides professional intellectual property brokerage services, which including:    

  • Identify who are the prospects buyers 
  • Analyze the patent
  • Complexity of the patent sales process
  • The legal framework of the patent assets
  • Valuation of the assets
  • Take the patent to market
  • Presenting the marketing package to pre-qualified buyers
  • Consulting with the patent owner throughout the process

Alternatively, for those looking to buy assets in Europe, Starke has the unique capabilities required to identify the owners of desirable assets, value the assets, and negotiate for their sale. 

These services are generally driven by the need to:      

  • Defining the technology of interest and disaggregating the technology into its most basic elements
  • Assessing the identified art using technical experts
  • Due diligence on the patents
  • Developing a negotiating strategy
  • Negotiating with patent owners
  • Identifying key strategic assets vs. direct competitors or other companies in the value chain
  • Mitigate a specific threat or pending lawsuit
  • Further strengthen an existing licensing program



If you like to develope an App, or to establish a shop at an E-commerce Trading Platforms  (B2C – Business-to-Consumer or B2B – Business-to-Business), foreign participation in a range of Internet and e-commerce activities comes under the far-reaching PRC Telecommunications Regulations and several other national and local regulations. Our team can support you in: