G40 IPR Summit 2018 in Beijing; speech about trademark registration in the European Union

Our managing counsel Daniel Albrecht delivered a keynote speech about trademark protection in Europe at the G40 IPR Summit 2018 in Beijing, at November 14, 2018. The event was organized by the IPR daily as closed door summit for Asia-Pacific IPR leaders.

The G40 IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit is the first private invited closed-door summit in the industry. This year's G40 summit focused on the Asia-Pacific region, which has the most active economic development and is also a key strategic hub for international business competition.

The 2018 G40 Asia-Pacific IPR Leaders Closed-Door Summit was co-hosted by IPRdaily and the Capital Intellectual Property Service Association. With the theme of “New Thoughts on the Foreign-Related IP Service”, the summit invited more than 100 leaders of intellectual property service agencies from the United States, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, the Belt and Road countries and domestic IP service agencies to conduct in-depth exchanges and dialogues and to discuss foreign-related service issues. In addition, more than 100 representatives from Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises, cutting-edge technology companies and technology innovation companies attended the summit as observers.