Event: Update Labor Law 2020 / Corona Virus and the impact on employment contracts

Starke Managing Counsel Daniel Albrecht and Bluedex Partner spoke on February 13, 2020. Dr. Michael R. Fausel on the premises of PraeMontis GmbH in Frankfurt on current issues of labor law.

From the invitation to the event:

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus raises numerous legal questions in addition to the tragedy for those affected as well as for the economy, we are particularly pleased that we were able to win German attorney Daniel Albrecht at short notice for a keynote speech. Mr. Albrecht is Managing Counsel at Starke, which is based in China and focuses on the demands of German-speaking companies in China and Chinese companies that do business in the German-speaking area. In his lecture, he will be able to give you initial answers on the aspects of retrieval and liability, measures to be taken when you start working again and options for dismissing employees.

In 2020 there will be numerous changes and innovations. Perhaps the most profound change will be the implementation of the European posting of workers directive into national law. Due to the economic situation, the topics of restructuring and downsizing will also come into focus. Dr. Michael R. Fausel from the employment law firm BLUEDEX will speak to you about these two points as well as many more from the individual and collective labor law as well as the related sub-areas in our "Update labor law".