The Corona Virus and its effects on the Employer Relations of German companies in China

China and the Chinese economy are still firmly in the grip of the Corona Virus. Against this background, we continue our first article by first examining the effects of the Corona Virus on sales chains and possible claims for damages if delivery obligations become impossible. Today we turn to the next major complex that is spreading to workers and employers due to the spread of the virus, namely Chinese labor law. Before we turn to detailed questions, however, we would like to give you a few general suggestions for action on how you can make your company fit in the event of a crisis. We have developed the following ten point plan:

  1. First, set up a high-level emergency management team.
  2. Collect travel information from every employee in your company, including and especially from blue color workers. 
  3. Official rules should be strictly followed. 
  4. Follow the regulations correctly. Note: In the current emergency situation, public law is above private law!
  5. Interpret government recommendations as legal rank and follow them. 
  6. Set up a communication hotline.
  7. Inform your employees about company regulations and local laws. 
  8. Send regular emails, or SMS, to your employees with information and updates
  9. If possible, set up home workplaces for employees. Provide PCs, printers, scanners, etc.
  10. Avoid contact between people and pay a taxi for your employees if they have to go to the company headquarters or an authority.

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